Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Think of U

by Lady Queen

I'm trying 2 let u know how i feel
this love has never felt so real
Ur on my mind all night long
and every time i hear these songs
I think of u

You show me how true love feels
u make me think if this is real
When u say those last three words
i feel so good
and baby, i think of u

You do anything 2 make me happy
and everything 2 make me feel good
but there's nothing u could do
2 make me stop thinking of u

You'll always be in my heart
me and you will never part,
When i lay down 2 sleep
i can still see the visions of u & me
Ur on my mind day n night
i hope you'll never leave my side
Ur love 2 me means the world

that's why i always think of u

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